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Nimble Gar
Class CutterIcon Cutter
Manufacturer Aston Shipyard, Bora Island
Armament 825—336 loadout:
  • Light cannons (4)
  • Medium cannons (4)
Hull & Armor Basic hardwood
Commissioned 25th Solstice, 825
Fate Decommissioned 4th Ardor, 840
Homeport Korzai Island
Owner(s) John Izsak
Role Multiple
  • Flagship
  • Brigand patrol
  • Blockade runner
Affiliation LibertyCrest Liberty Concord
"She's a fine peace; I'm not sure you'll get a more reliable ship in the great Amber."
Captain John Izsak

The Nimble Gar was a sloop class vessel exclusively sailed on the Amber Ocean. It consistently flew the colors of Liberty Concord, central crew to the flag Marooned Piety.