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"Not a bad system, if you ask me."

Morgan's Calendar is a universally accepted system of recording time. All years are equal in length and consist of 365 days.


Each year is composed of a variety of organizational components. In order of shrinking size, there are quarters, seasons, weeks, and days, in addition to further divisions of time.

  • First Quarter
    • Frost
      • 5 weeks
        • 6 days
          • Alpha
          • Beta
          • Gamma
          • Delta
          • Epsilon
          • Zeta
    • Ardor
    • Thaw
  • Second Quarter
    • Storm
    • Rise
    • Solstice
  • Third Quarter
    • Gala
    • Advent
    • Lacuna
  • Fourth Quarter
    • Harvest
    • Giving
    • Fest

Known EventsEdit

The first officially recorded date was 17th Rise, 0.

  • The entirety of the Puzzle Pirates MMO comprises the year 824.

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