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The Puzzle Pirates Fanon Wikia (abbreviated as PPF or YPPF), also known as YPP Fanon or Yohoho! Fanon is a community-based website devoted to letting fanoneers express their piratey imagination. We are a growing site, so don't be afraid to invite your friends and have as much fun as possible.

Unlike most other Wikis, most information isn't real, per se. It is almost entirely fabricated by this site's authors. There are some minor guidelines, but don't let that keep you from joining in on the fun!

Feel free to create your very own page! Just remember to put {{Writer|Your name here}} at the beginning of your articles. Happy editing!


Our First Template! — 14 February, 2011
The Individual Ship infobox template is hot and ready to roll! While standard naming conventions are strongly recommended (adjective fish; example: Happy Tuna), exceptions are permitted. Stay tuned for infoboxes for characters, crews, islands, and many others.
Manual of Style — 13 February, 2011
A Manual of Style, essentially a basic guideline of how articles are organized and named, is currently under construction and due within the next few days. Don't let this take away from the fun, though!

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